Random coding and computer stuff

Who am I?

I’ve coded for as long as I can remember. Started on a Commodore 64 when I was about 10 years old. I still remember an old program of mine, it was a 3D maze. I was so bad back then, did not even know about functions, used gotos everywhere. I stopped working on it when I busted the maximum size for a program (you know … because of all the copy/pasted code …). With this background, all my focus has always been around computer science: every high school extra class, college, and university degrees, etc.

What I’ve always loved about computer science, is the sheer complexity around it. I’ve always been really good at seeing the interactions in a complex system (either between threads; processes; or whole systems). This gave me my direction for my Master’s thesis: compilers. It was one of the pieces of a program that I found had the most complex internal systems. So many things to do in a compiler, so little time to do it, and yet so critical for the program.

I’ve worked quite a bit of time in the gaming industry, working on various online services. Most of my work revolves around new features, performance improvement, or simply debugging. With interactions between multiple services in an open environment, there is a lot of complexities to have fun with there.