Deploying an AWS lambda for Alexa using Serverless


I’ve played with deploying AWS lambdas manually, and I’ve played with SAM. Now is time to play with Serverless. The good thing with Serverless is that it is cloud-agnostic. Therefore, it can be used to deploy on a lot more platforms than simply AWS. Of course, all the Alexa skill linking will be AWS-specific. So here is how I ended up deploying an AWS lambda for Alexa using Serverless. As always, the code of the associated project can be found on my GitHub page.

Getting ready to use Serverless

Again, I had issues installing Serverless, pretty much the same as with SAM. Basically, it is not pre-built for a Raspberry Pi:

The fix, again, is to bypass the installer and install using npm: npm install serverless --global.

Running Serverless on a Raspberry Pi

Besides the installation of the framework, I could not find any issues running it. After generating a test event using SAM, I could even invoke the function locally using:

Preparing the project

Bootstrapping the project was quick and simple:

  1. run  serverless  (no arguments), which prompts a few questions and generates a basic project
  2. copy all files from my original project to the newly created directory
  3. delete the useless deploy scripts from before

Writing Serverless template

Writing the deployment template for Serverless was way easier than using SAM. It is a bit weird when you think about the fact that SAM is supported by AWS and only supports AWS. The two issues I got when using SAM were fixed trivially.

The first one, selecting a retention policy for the Log Group is as simple as adding a parameter:

The second one, linking to the Alexa skill, is done again using a simple parameter:

Deploying everything

Deploying the skill is done through the serverless command: serverless deploy --region us-east-1. This command will create a Cloud Formation stack for your function.

Removing your stack is again done directly through the serverless command: serverless remove --region us-east-1.

Comparison with SAM

Overall, Serverless seems easier to use and have more feature than SAM. Of course, my only testing of the frameworks is these few posts, so it is possible that things change over time.

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