Using SemanticLogger with Highline in Ruby

I started using Ruby again for a command-line project of mine. In order to do all that I needed to do, I had to find a configurable library for logging (kinda like log4net and friends) and another one to ask various input from the command line. Therefore, I ended up using SemanticLogger with Highline. I ended up having a few issues, here is how I fixed them.

The problem

The first input I did, after showing a few debug information, ended up a mangled mess looking like:

You can clearly see that the output is intertwined with the input selection. This is really annoying and needed fixing.

The associated code did not look anything weird, even a simple test like the following produces the issue:

The only explanation for me was that the output from the logger was done in an asynchronous way, either some kind of buffering or simply done in a background thread. After checking a bit more  Highline’s homepage, I found the answer:

Logging is performed in a separate thread so as not to slow down the application whilst logging to one or more destinations.

The solution

After looking through more guides from the official site, I finally found what I needed: a way to make SemanticLogger log in the current thread.

There are multiple ways of enabling this feature, I decided to go with the code-based approach: add  ::SemanticLogger.sync! before any of my appenders got created.

Doing so, my final solution looks like:

And my output is finally as expected:

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